About Us

Hi, I'm Brooke Greiner, creator of Living in the Light co.! I am still in shock that my dream of owning a clothing company is now a reality. Only 3 short years ago I was a nurse with little money and big dreams of being able to be at home with my babies and own my own business. I never imagined it would ACTUALLY happen. 

Living in the Light co. initially started in 2019 as a beauty brand that I created as a hobby on Facebook. I quickly grew a large following, and with that, a strong conviction that I needed to be doing MORE for the gospel. And if you've ever felt conviction from the Lord you know good and well you can't run from it. Toward the end of 2020, which was truly one of the hardest years of our life for so many reasons other than Covid, I took my beauty brand and completely transformed it into a faith-based business. I decided to jump into the thing I had dreamed of for so long and created LITLco. I honestly had no intentions of it ever growing into more than a hobby or something that just made us a little extra money, but here we are! LITLco. has become the biggest branch of our business. Isn't God SO good?!

There have been so many ups and downs when relying exclusively on income that you have to generate on your own, but with it has come so much freedom and a place where we have had to fully lean into the Lord. I told Nick that I didn't care what happened, I was going to give my business completely to Christ and would not ever let anything get in the way of my biblical morals. And of course, when you don't sell out to culture, the world doesn't like you. We have had major hits on our business. But ultimately we know God always provides. If our entire brand falls to pieces tomorrow, we will still fully rely on God to give us what we need. 

Yet here we are, still thriving and growing because of God's goodness. We have two incredible employees that would do anything for us (and us for them) and we are seeking the Lord in all we do to grow as a brand that not only sells cute things, but who brings the gospel to our audience in meaningful ways. We are SOLD OUT for the gospel, and will never sell out to culture. 

I am so thankful to each and every one of you who have cheered us on, supported us, prayed for us, sent us encouragement, and shared our brand. God has brought us great community through LITLco., and for that I will be forever grateful.

My head is constantly full of creative ideas, and I hope you all stick around for the ride. I think it will be a fun one.